2019 Food Trends I Support


It’s a new year. That means it’s time for my annual report on what food trends I support – what I affectionately call the 2019 Food Trends I’m Lovingreport. I constantly keep an eye on social media, traditional media, what questions you have for me, what’s on the shelves in grocery stores and health food stores (farmers markets too), and written about in magazines. For 2019 I’m not predicting any huge shifts in food trends. Instead, I predict further deepening and adopting of the trends from the last few years. Here’s what trends I support.

Healthy Fats and Proteins

I’m happy to see that people continue to embrace healthy fats. Not only do our bodies require healthy fats. But, fat keeps us full longer, so including healthy fats in your meals and snacks can help prevent you from all-day grazing. All-day grazing doesn’t support a healthy gut microbiome (see more below).

Along with fat, protein is also a star macronutrient these days. Adequate protein is important for all of us. I’m particularly happy to see that people are thinking about protein at all 3 meals in the day. Bye bye carb-heavy breakfasts.

Plant-Based Eating

The meatless trend has evolved into plant-based eating. I’m always a fan of focusing on the good stuff rather than what you’re avoiding (i.e. “plant-based” versus “meatless”). Whether you’re adopting occasional plant-based meals or going all the way to vegan, embracing plant-based eating is both good for our health and for the environment. If you are choosing vegan, I recommend that you do your homework to make sure that your nutrition needs are being met. I offer nutrition insight sessions. Also, check out last year’s article for my book recommendation.

Making Real Food Easier

Hey, we’re all busy. But we want to make and eat real food – real meals. The food products and tools to support us in making real food a reality in our busy lives will continue to grow. People are adopting online grocery shopping in droves. Meal delivery services continue to increase in popularity, whether you prepare the food or it arrives already prepared. It seems like every time that I go into a grocery store, I find more produce that is already washed and chopped. For example, this year, I discovered frozen, cubed avocado - absolutely perfect for smoothies! This year, I predict that making real meals will continue to get easier as people embrace the slow cooker. The Instant Pot is adding fuel to this fantastic trend. Whether you go new-tech (i.e. the Instant Pot) or old-school (i.e. the crock pot), it’s a super simple way to get real food on the table on busy weeknights.

Love of Local

Supporting local farmers, fishers, and food producers continues to be a growing value. Farmers markets are buzzing, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes sell out, and food identified as local is increasing in sales. For example, foods with the Island Good logo (grown and sold on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands) had a 16% increase in sales in 2018. I predict that we will continue to choose to spend our money in support of our local community members.

Eating for a Healthy Gut

The science continues to grow regarding the contribution of a healthy gut microbiome for our physical and mental health. And, you are taking note. There will be more and more interest in fermented foods, probiotics, and foods with fibre (such as vegetables, fruit, beans, and lentils). I certainly use these with clients. We see improved digestion and improved feeling of mental and physical health.

No Alcohol

In 2017 I predicted that there would be an interest in drinking less alcohol. I’m happy to see that more and more restaurants are creating creative, low sugar, non-alcoholic beverages. I predict that this trend will continue as people choose to drink less for health reasons, in recognition of alcohol’s contribution to storing fat, and because they’re driving home.

Ugly Produce & No Food Waste & Reduced Packaging

I predicted that our concern for the environment would create a trend for less food waste and choosing ugly produce. Our environmental concerns are only increasing and I’m happy to see these trends continuing, as well as increased interest in reducing packaging/ plastic.

Hot Produce: Fennel, Radish, Persimmons, Watermelon, Dragon Fruit

I predicted that the produce stars would be fennel, radish, persimmons, watermelon, and dragon fruit. I continue to see a lot of people choosing fennel, radish, and persimmons (check out my Facebook Live chat from December about how what to look for when choosing persimmons). Dragon fruit continues to trend upwards but it hasn’t become the star that I thought it would. While watermelon as a fruit choice didn’t trend upwards as I predicted, I have seen increased interest in watermelon seeds as a nut-free choice (either whole or as seed butter) and watermelon water.

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