VIP Nutrition Make-Over

This is an exclusive opportunity for full immersion only for people who are ready to make a significant investment in your next chapter. A short-cut day to really dig in to your new lifestyle. Think of it like a make-over for your eating. And, your life.

40 Days to a Happy, Healthy You: Weight Loss Program

Are you putting things off until you lose weight? Hit 40 (or 50) and don’t recognize your body because of the weight you’ve gained? Tried diets in the past that either didn’t work or you gained the weight back? Ready to make real life changes?

6 Month Weight Loss Program

.A slow, steady approach to healthy, sustainable weight loss. Perfect if you want to make real change, but don't have room in your life for an intensive program. You'll get control of cravings and stop emotional eating.

More Adult Nutrition Services

Diabetes Control, Sports Nutrition (Performance Nutrition), Eating Disorders, and Nutritional Insight Sessions.