Do you take your sport seriously?

Are you gearing up for a big adventure?

You're putting in the training. Make sure your nutrition is helping your performance. Not, holding you back. 

Did you know:

  • It can be hard to meet nutrition demands for sport and growth for children/ teens? 
  • For us 40+ folks, our nutrition is even more important for maximum performance than when we were in our 20's?

As a past competitive athlete (running on the varsity team for the Guelph Gryphons), I understand the demands of hard training and the desire for excellence. Now, I'm 40-something and I've not only returned to running, but I've learned how to surf. I know how much eating well affects my ability to do what I love. Quite frankly, I can't get away with eating the way I did as a 20 or 30-something weekend warrior.    

Get your nutrition working to help you hit your performance goals.   

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