Child Nutrition Services

Looking for hands-on, individualized assistance with your little one? My child nutrition (picky eater) services are for you! Available either in your home or virtually (Skype/ FaceTime and phone).

Nutrition Workshops

Are you looking for an engaging, knowledgeable speaker for your group? Looking to get answers from a child nutrition expert speaker in a relaxed atmosphere with a group of like-minded parents?

Eating Disorders

Is you teen working on recovery from an eating disorder? I can be a part of her/ his treatment team. Contact me to find out more.

Picky Eating Book

Currently out of print. Schedule a call to find out about one-to-one services:

Sports Nutrition

Your child / teen takes their sport seriously. It can be difficult to meet the nutrition needs of a young athlete who is still growing. Be confident you're meeting your growing athlete's nutrition needs.