Are you ready to re-set your eating?

This is an opportunity for full immersion. A short-cut day to really dig in to your new lifestyle. 

Think of it like a professional make-over for your eating. And, your life.

It's an exclusive opportunity to experience how I eat to have more energy then I did in my 20's. To be strong enough to learn to surf as a mature athlete and to return to training to run my first marathon at 42. How I eat to still have a clean bill of health despite type 2 diabetes, early heart disease, and cancer running through my family. While still enjoying the goodies I love.   

It's like a short-cut to my 24 years of nutrition experience. 

Rock this next chapter of your life.

This is for you:

  • If you know that you thrive when you have one-to-one, step-by-step guidance from a professional.

  • If you've been researching what to change but all the conflicting nutrition information has you confused.

  • If you're ready to lose weight, get control of your blood sugar, and this next chapter of your life.

  • If you're really ready to invest in yourself because you know that being proud of yourself for the life you've built is priceless.

Here’s How I Will Support You:

  • One full 1:1 day with me: 9am-3pm.

  • Individual assessment of your nutrition needs.

  • Customized nutrition recommendations.

  • Cupboard & fridge make-over. Ensure that you have the ingredients you require.

  • Meal planning. I'll hand-pick recipes to make it happen. Deliciously.

  • Lunch & walk. Yes - we'll be putting your plan into practice starting today.

Get the full immersion experience for yourself for $2000.

Want the experience for a second person in your home? Get an additional person involved for only $500.

Take 1 day to create a healthy life you love.