Truly a New Way of Living – Not a New Way to Diet

“I have struggled with my weight for years.  In my late twenties I lost 60 pounds over a 2 year stretch by strictly adhering to Atkins.  I kept this weight off until my early thirties when I met my husband who loves to eat.  I started to be slightly less strict and gained about 15 lbs back.  Then I got pregnant and did not have an easy pregnancy.  I felt sick all the time and carbohydrates were my best friend.  I also experienced major swelling in my legs and ankles and did not do very much exercise during my pregnancy.  My weight returned to where it was before I lost the 60 pounds.  

Fast forward 4 years later and I couldn’t shake the weight gain.  Working full time and spending all my spare time with a very active toddler I realized that I wasn’t making any time for myself and while I tried Atkins again, found it too restrictive as I needed to make choices that my daughter would also enjoy.I was stressed out over whether I was making the right choices and being concerned about setting a good example for my daughter as more than anything, I don’t want her to have food issues when she is older! 

I had attended one of Kristen’s workshops on getting your baby to eat solids and had found her advice brilliant.  I saw her email on weight loss for Mums and had thought about it for a bit as I had tried a nutrionist before and found the program extremely restrictive plus unrealistic with a toddler.  I reminded myself of how excellent the workshop had been, took a deep breath and reached out to Kristen.

Kristen’s program was and is excellent! She is so practical and really gets the focus off of counting calories and what I call the “food/guilt cycle”. She really encourages you to love your body and love your food!  She gives you pointers on how to incorporate practical change into your diet and truly shows you a new way of living – not a new way to diet.  While working closely with Kristen, I lost 7 pounds (huge for me – I’ve never lost more than a 1.5 a week in my life!), plus have lost an additional 2 pounds since the session stopped.  I am finding it easy to follow and know that if I need help Kristen is either a email or phone call away.  I would recommend Kristen’s program to anyone – you will not be disappointed!

Thank you Kristen for truly helping me get back on track – I’m loving my new (eating) life!”

- Elizabeth (name changed for privacy)