Slowly and Steadily Losing Weight

“I was referred to Kristen by a friend and work colleague who reminded me that we in fact have Registered Dietitian support included in our benefit plan. She was very enthusiastic and spoke highly of Kristen, so I thought it was worth a try. Both my husband and I have been so busy with life: our family (3 sons), our careers, our volunteer work, that we needed to re-focus on our own health and well-being. 

With a goal to lose some weight, exercise more and eat better, we embarked on a 40 day adventure with Kristen. Kristen met with us together and separately (in person and by phone) and helped us with practical tips and advice to improve our nutrition and our over-all health. In addition to assessing our dietary intake, Kristen challenged us to think of something we were grateful for each day and encouraged us to exercise more.

Although I was initially unsure of whether or not I could make a sustained change in faithfully eating more vegetables and being more thoughtful of all my food choices, I am pleased that I continue to embrace more healthful eating and am slowly and steadily losing weight.

Kristen’s approach is customized to each individual…when I told her I would “cheat” – she said it was okay to have A (only ONE) treat which somehow made it all easier and doable.

I signed up on-line for Kristen’s recipes and e-newsletters which I find refreshing and authentic….just like her. I highly recommend Kristen and encourage you to let her help you on your improved nutritional life journey.”

- Kristi (name changed for privacy)