She is Eating Everything and Not Complaining!

“My daughter has always been a pretty good eater but does seem to be getting pickier so I was excited (and not 100% convinced to be honest) to try some of the tips you shared with us. I can’t BELIEVE the difference it has made already!!!!

I’ve been sitting down and eating with her (the same foods) and she is eating everything and not complaining! She loves fruit and always asks for that at ‘snack’ time but I’ve just been preparing something to eat, not asking her what she wants and sitting down with her. I didn’t realise how much of a difference that could make! She’s also a bit of a grazer so instead of feeding her whenever she says she’s hungry, I’ve been preparing food every couple/few hours and when she tells me ‘mommy it feels like I need to eat right now’ (she just ate) I remind her when the next time to eat is and the world doesn’t end!

“I guess that wasn’t a quick share but I hope you understand how much more enjoyable our lives as parents will be after your presentation. The information you have is gold and should be shared with every parent!!”

- Rebecca (name changed for privacy)