Now I Look Forward to Feedings and So Does He

“I wanted to send a quick but big heart felt thank you for your help with feeding Cole!! He is thriving and loves to eat all types if food  you provided me not only with information but with confidence, I now look forward to feedings and so does he!!

That as a first time mom there are so many books and material out there telling what you should or should not feed for child I was confused overwhelmed and nervous. Kristen put my mind at ease with her knowledge about child nutrition. My biggest fear was my son choking or having a reaction and Kristen gave me examples on how to cut food and consistency to use. I thought my son hated to eat solids, but it turns out he was bored because I was feeding him and he wanted to feed himself!! As well he wanted to explore different foods. Kristen gave me confidence and ideas on what to make my son, it turns out I didn’t need to slave and make him different foods than we were eating, I just gave him a fork and cut his pieces smaller!!

Thank you Kristen I have a very healthy boy who loves to eat.”

- Tamara (name changed for privacy)