I Now Make One Meal

“We started working with Kristen because I knew something had to change in our family. My infant daughter had recently started solids and was eager to try anything, but my son was getting pickier by the day and even when I made something different for him, he wouldn’t always eat it.

I was getting very frustrated and tired of making (sometimes) 4 different meals for dinner. 

Knowing I was going to return to work in several months, I found Kristen, and having experienced some great results with a sleep consultant, I thought, ‘let’s give this a try’.

I wish I could say everything is perfect and my son eats anything that’s presented to him. But, Kristen’s advice and guidance has had a MAJOR impact on my family. I now make one meal and what’s served is what’s for (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack). My son understands that there’s no negotiating for something else (although, of course, he still does try). But after a few minutes, he either chooses to eat what’s been served (which may be a portion of what we’re having…that’s fine, or he knows he doesn’t have to eat anything and he’ll have another opportunity in a few hours).

Yesterday, for the first time in about a year, he voluntarily picked up a piece of corn and actually ate some. For parents whose kids eat anything, this likely seems like a non-event. But trust me, I just about broke open a bottle of champagne. To see him actually eat the corn was a huge step for us. He has actually tried a few other foods that I never thought he’d go for too. We’re still on a long journey of discovering and enjoying foods, and I thank Kristen for helping us make a major change to our family. Right now, my husband is working 6 days a week and I’m the sole parent at home most of the time. Knowing that dinner/breakfast etc. is not going to be a huge battle is such a relief.

I would HIGHLY recommend Kristen’s services.

(And of course, now my daughter is 1.5 and is your typical toddler…but I know better than to offer her something other than what’s being served, and she will also learn about Kristen’s principles of responsibilty.)”

- Michelle (name changed for privacy)