I Feel Better Equipped to Deal With Stress Now that Cravings and Guilt Aren’t on My Mind

“For the past two years I have been losing and regaining the same 10 pounds over and over. Before completing Kristen’s 40-day program, I just couldn’t figure out how to keep those pounds off. I felt defeated and foolish for being unable to sustain what I had accomplished. I knew I was doing something wrong but didn’t know what it was.

From the beginning of the program, Kristen helped me to learn about the many factors that contribute to unhealthy eating. As a 41-year-old working mom, I recognized how much stress and fatigue were contributing to my weight gain. Kristen’s holistic approach and thought-provoking questions have led me to feeling more balanced and developing healthier eating habits I can count on.

I liked Kristen’s thoughtful and methodical style. She spent time listening and learning about what worked and didn’t work for me. She helped me explore healthier ways of dealing with stress.

For me, an expected bonus is that I feel less busy after completing Kristen’s program. My schedule hasn’t slowed down at all, but I feel calmer and better equipped to deal with stress now that cravings and guilt aren’t on my mind every day. I never realized how much of my mental energy was wasted on those thoughts.

Three months after completing the program, I have been able to continue with the action plan Kristen developed for me. I still struggle occasionally, but now instead of feeling helpless and frustrated, I have practical solutions I can turn to that work.”

- Kathy (name changed for privacy)