Her Knowledge is Vast and Current

It was a pleasure to have Kristen join us at our Baby Group. Her presentation was engaging and fun and most importantly her knowledge is vast and current.

She is clearly passionate about nutrition for the whole family with lots of great tips for getting the little ones off to a wonderful start by encouraging them to develop life-long healthy food habits.

- Kristyn, James Bay Community Project

Great Feedback on the Positive Changes our Crew has Made

The information Kristen presented for our employee session was not only clear and direct, but more importantly realistic for our group to understand and adopt into their daily eating choices.

The simple tips and hints as well as the great material provided was delivered in a way that got our staff to really understand the choices they are currently making and provide them with great information about better and easy to implement alternatives.  I am very impressed with the feedback from our group about her sessions and would recommend her to anyone wanting to increase their staff’s and their own knowledge around a healthier well-being.  Kristen gave our crew some basic tools to use in their nutritional toolbox and we have been hearing great feedback on the positive changes our crew has made since.

- Melinda Morben, RPF Manager of Operational Logistics, Island Timberlands LP

She is Eating Everything and Not Complaining!

“My daughter has always been a pretty good eater but does seem to be getting pickier so I was excited (and not 100% convinced to be honest) to try some of the tips you shared with us. I can’t BELIEVE the difference it has made already!!!!

I’ve been sitting down and eating with her (the same foods) and she is eating everything and not complaining! She loves fruit and always asks for that at ‘snack’ time but I’ve just been preparing something to eat, not asking her what she wants and sitting down with her. I didn’t realise how much of a difference that could make! She’s also a bit of a grazer so instead of feeding her whenever she says she’s hungry, I’ve been preparing food every couple/few hours and when she tells me ‘mommy it feels like I need to eat right now’ (she just ate) I remind her when the next time to eat is and the world doesn’t end!

“I guess that wasn’t a quick share but I hope you understand how much more enjoyable our lives as parents will be after your presentation. The information you have is gold and should be shared with every parent!!”

- Rebecca (name changed for privacy)

Now I Look Forward to Feedings and So Does He

“I wanted to send a quick but big heart felt thank you for your help with feeding Cole!! He is thriving and loves to eat all types if food  you provided me not only with information but with confidence, I now look forward to feedings and so does he!!

That as a first time mom there are so many books and material out there telling what you should or should not feed for child I was confused overwhelmed and nervous. Kristen put my mind at ease with her knowledge about child nutrition. My biggest fear was my son choking or having a reaction and Kristen gave me examples on how to cut food and consistency to use. I thought my son hated to eat solids, but it turns out he was bored because I was feeding him and he wanted to feed himself!! As well he wanted to explore different foods. Kristen gave me confidence and ideas on what to make my son, it turns out I didn’t need to slave and make him different foods than we were eating, I just gave him a fork and cut his pieces smaller!!

Thank you Kristen I have a very healthy boy who loves to eat.”

- Tamara (name changed for privacy)

Your Plan is So Simple…But It Works as if By Magic

“I just wanted to email and say thank you! My stress and anxiety surrounding Louise’s eating has gone from a 10 to a 2 in a matter of weeks!

Today at lunch she tried broccoli! She didn’t eat much but she tried it with no fuss! It was so hard not to do a happy dance! And she actually asks for more cucumber! A green vegetable! We still have a long way to go but it’s so much better.

It’s a lot of work with 2 kids but we have had more family dinners, great conversations and quality time together as a result of organized meal planning.

Before attending your workshop mealtimes with my toddler were a nightmare. Throwing food, tears (hers and mine) and frustration! It was at the point where she would only eat boxed noodles, toast and milk. She was rejecting everything, including old favourites and all fruits and vegetables. I was so confused and hurt, and also anxious about her health. She had been such a good eater! I tried to convince her to ‘just take one more bite’ or bribed her with the promise of her favourite foods. I’m not an anxious person or parent – but this was a serious daily stressor!

Your plan is so simple and I don’t want to jinx it – but it worked as if by magic! I told her what was happening and then took on my role as planner, preparer and provider. Without my persistent begging her to eat, Louise tried new foods, ate her meals without tossing them! It is a lot of work but the pay off is huge!”

- Kathleen (name changed for privacy)


I Now Make One Meal

“We started working with Kristen because I knew something had to change in our family. My infant daughter had recently started solids and was eager to try anything, but my son was getting pickier by the day and even when I made something different for him, he wouldn’t always eat it.

I was getting very frustrated and tired of making (sometimes) 4 different meals for dinner. 

Knowing I was going to return to work in several months, I found Kristen, and having experienced some great results with a sleep consultant, I thought, ‘let’s give this a try’.

I wish I could say everything is perfect and my son eats anything that’s presented to him. But, Kristen’s advice and guidance has had a MAJOR impact on my family. I now make one meal and what’s served is what’s for (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack). My son understands that there’s no negotiating for something else (although, of course, he still does try). But after a few minutes, he either chooses to eat what’s been served (which may be a portion of what we’re having…that’s fine, or he knows he doesn’t have to eat anything and he’ll have another opportunity in a few hours).

Yesterday, for the first time in about a year, he voluntarily picked up a piece of corn and actually ate some. For parents whose kids eat anything, this likely seems like a non-event. But trust me, I just about broke open a bottle of champagne. To see him actually eat the corn was a huge step for us. He has actually tried a few other foods that I never thought he’d go for too. We’re still on a long journey of discovering and enjoying foods, and I thank Kristen for helping us make a major change to our family. Right now, my husband is working 6 days a week and I’m the sole parent at home most of the time. Knowing that dinner/breakfast etc. is not going to be a huge battle is such a relief.

I would HIGHLY recommend Kristen’s services.

(And of course, now my daughter is 1.5 and is your typical toddler…but I know better than to offer her something other than what’s being served, and she will also learn about Kristen’s principles of responsibilty.)”

- Michelle (name changed for privacy)

Slowly and Steadily Losing Weight

“I was referred to Kristen by a friend and work colleague who reminded me that we in fact have Registered Dietitian support included in our benefit plan. She was very enthusiastic and spoke highly of Kristen, so I thought it was worth a try. Both my husband and I have been so busy with life: our family (3 sons), our careers, our volunteer work, that we needed to re-focus on our own health and well-being. 

With a goal to lose some weight, exercise more and eat better, we embarked on a 40 day adventure with Kristen. Kristen met with us together and separately (in person and by phone) and helped us with practical tips and advice to improve our nutrition and our over-all health. In addition to assessing our dietary intake, Kristen challenged us to think of something we were grateful for each day and encouraged us to exercise more.

Although I was initially unsure of whether or not I could make a sustained change in faithfully eating more vegetables and being more thoughtful of all my food choices, I am pleased that I continue to embrace more healthful eating and am slowly and steadily losing weight.

Kristen’s approach is customized to each individual…when I told her I would “cheat” – she said it was okay to have A (only ONE) treat which somehow made it all easier and doable.

I signed up on-line for Kristen’s recipes and e-newsletters which I find refreshing and authentic….just like her. I highly recommend Kristen and encourage you to let her help you on your improved nutritional life journey.”

- Kristi (name changed for privacy)

I Feel Better Equipped to Deal With Stress Now that Cravings and Guilt Aren’t on My Mind

“For the past two years I have been losing and regaining the same 10 pounds over and over. Before completing Kristen’s 40-day program, I just couldn’t figure out how to keep those pounds off. I felt defeated and foolish for being unable to sustain what I had accomplished. I knew I was doing something wrong but didn’t know what it was.

From the beginning of the program, Kristen helped me to learn about the many factors that contribute to unhealthy eating. As a 41-year-old working mom, I recognized how much stress and fatigue were contributing to my weight gain. Kristen’s holistic approach and thought-provoking questions have led me to feeling more balanced and developing healthier eating habits I can count on.

I liked Kristen’s thoughtful and methodical style. She spent time listening and learning about what worked and didn’t work for me. She helped me explore healthier ways of dealing with stress.

For me, an expected bonus is that I feel less busy after completing Kristen’s program. My schedule hasn’t slowed down at all, but I feel calmer and better equipped to deal with stress now that cravings and guilt aren’t on my mind every day. I never realized how much of my mental energy was wasted on those thoughts.

Three months after completing the program, I have been able to continue with the action plan Kristen developed for me. I still struggle occasionally, but now instead of feeling helpless and frustrated, I have practical solutions I can turn to that work.”

- Kathy (name changed for privacy)

Truly a New Way of Living – Not a New Way to Diet

“I have struggled with my weight for years.  In my late twenties I lost 60 pounds over a 2 year stretch by strictly adhering to Atkins.  I kept this weight off until my early thirties when I met my husband who loves to eat.  I started to be slightly less strict and gained about 15 lbs back.  Then I got pregnant and did not have an easy pregnancy.  I felt sick all the time and carbohydrates were my best friend.  I also experienced major swelling in my legs and ankles and did not do very much exercise during my pregnancy.  My weight returned to where it was before I lost the 60 pounds.  

Fast forward 4 years later and I couldn’t shake the weight gain.  Working full time and spending all my spare time with a very active toddler I realized that I wasn’t making any time for myself and while I tried Atkins again, found it too restrictive as I needed to make choices that my daughter would also enjoy.I was stressed out over whether I was making the right choices and being concerned about setting a good example for my daughter as more than anything, I don’t want her to have food issues when she is older! 

I had attended one of Kristen’s workshops on getting your baby to eat solids and had found her advice brilliant.  I saw her email on weight loss for Mums and had thought about it for a bit as I had tried a nutrionist before and found the program extremely restrictive plus unrealistic with a toddler.  I reminded myself of how excellent the workshop had been, took a deep breath and reached out to Kristen.

Kristen’s program was and is excellent! She is so practical and really gets the focus off of counting calories and what I call the “food/guilt cycle”. She really encourages you to love your body and love your food!  She gives you pointers on how to incorporate practical change into your diet and truly shows you a new way of living – not a new way to diet.  While working closely with Kristen, I lost 7 pounds (huge for me – I’ve never lost more than a 1.5 a week in my life!), plus have lost an additional 2 pounds since the session stopped.  I am finding it easy to follow and know that if I need help Kristen is either a email or phone call away.  I would recommend Kristen’s program to anyone – you will not be disappointed!

Thank you Kristen for truly helping me get back on track – I’m loving my new (eating) life!”

- Elizabeth (name changed for privacy)