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Fuel Your Performance

Cut through the nutrition clutter. Correctly use food to fuel your life.  Wondering if your eating is preventing you from getting the most out of your work at the gym? With 24 years of nutrition experience, nutrition expert Kristen Yarker, MSc, RD has seen many diet trends come and go. 

In this session, she will break it down for you. Know how to eat for:  

  • Fat loss

  • Muscle gain 

  • Sustained energy

Whether you are working out to be healthy. Or you're a competitive athlete.

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Nutrition Speed Dating (Introductory One-on-One Meeting)

  • Kristen Yarker Victoria BC Dietitian (map)
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Wondering if how you are eating is negatively impacting your performance? Could you have more energy? Are you taking the right vitamins/supplements? These 10 minute, private, one-to-one sessions are your opportunity to get your nutrition questions answered by Kristen - a leading nutrition expert. Get answers personalized to your body and your life.  

·     Thursday June 21st, 4:00-6:00pm. $10.

·     Space is limited – pre-registration is required. Call Vital Health Pharmacy to book your session: 778-433-6060.

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Eating for Steady Blood Sugar

Whether you have Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, or diabetes runs in your family, get Kristen’s top tips for eating to have stable blood sugar. Also included: how to fit in your favourite foods (no you don’t have to give them up).

Vital Health Workshop
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Snacking Secrets

How to Plan Healthy Snacks that Your 2 - 5 year old Will Eat (Without Ruining Their Dinner)

In this workshop parents get:

•   How to use snacks to help your child to eat a balanced diet.

•   How to use snacks to encourage your child to eat a variety of foods.

•   How to use snacks to help your child build food-confidence (try new foods on their own).

Private session for parents of a preschool. 

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