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Nutrition Speed Dating (Introductory One-on-One Meeting)

  • Kristen Yarker Victoria BC Dietitian (map)
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Wondering if how you are eating is negatively impacting your performance? Could you have more energy? Are you taking the right vitamins/supplements? These 10 minute, private, one-to-one sessions are your opportunity to get your nutrition questions answered by Kristen - a leading nutrition expert. Get answers personalized to your body and your life.  

·     Thursday June 21st, 4:00-6:00pm. $10.

·     Space is limited – pre-registration is required. Call Vital Health Pharmacy to book your session: 778-433-6060.

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Eating for Steady Blood Sugar

Whether you have Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, or diabetes runs in your family, get Kristen’s top tips for eating to have stable blood sugar. Also included: how to fit in your favourite foods (no you don’t have to give them up).

Vital Health Workshop
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Snacking Secrets

How to Plan Healthy Snacks that Your 2 - 5 year old Will Eat (Without Ruining Their Dinner)

In this workshop parents get:

•   How to use snacks to help your child to eat a balanced diet.

•   How to use snacks to encourage your child to eat a variety of foods.

•   How to use snacks to help your child build food-confidence (try new foods on their own).

Private session for parents of a preschool. 

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