** New Kitchen Conversations **

I’m so very excited to let you know that today I’ve launched a new initiative.

It’s called:

Kitchen Conversations. Real parents. Real meals.

I’m recording (short) conversations with real moms and dads about how they make meals happen for their families.

Today there are 3 conversations. I’ll add more each month.

I created Kitchen Conversations after having lots of parents “confess” to me that they weren’t able to make the delicious, home-made, healthy, Pinterest-worthy, un-rushed, perfect family meal happen.

That perfect ideal is a myth!

A myth that I want to bust.

Kitchen Conversations is a celebration of the many shapes and sizes that families come in.

And, a celebration of the many creative, practical ways that parents make meals happen in your homes.

Join me in these conversations to be inspired, have a laugh, and get real solutions and recipes.

And, to celebrate how perfectly imperfect family life is!

Click HERE to watch the first 3 conversations.

ENJOY! Kristen