My Mothers' Day Gift to YOU

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With Mothers' Day fast approaching, I was doing some thinking about how I could best be of service to you.

My Snacking Secrets workshop has been a popular workshop for a number of years now. That’s why I recorded it as my first online seminar. But I hadn’t given it live, in-person for about a year, until I was invited to facilitate it for parents at a preschool last month. All the Moms were really engaged participants. Several of them contacted me afterwards to let me know how much they got out of the workshop.

There was my answer right in-front of me - a fantastic way to celebrate Mothers’ Day is by offering a BONUS of complimentary access to my online seminar version of

 Snacking Secrets: How to Plan Healthy Snacks that Your 2-5 year old Will Eat (Without Ruining Their Dinner)

 that you can participate in at any time that’s convenient for you – without having to find a babysitter or leave home, when you get my guide e-book

 Provide, Trust, Love (Then Introduce New Foods):

A step-by-step system for transforming your child from picky eater to food-confident kid

~2-5 year old edition ~


What’s a better gift for any Mom than being confident that you’re doing things “right” to meet your child’s nutrition needs now…and instill a life-long LOVE of healthy eating (all without being forceful or sneaky)?!

coupon code: “MomDay2014” (without the quotes)


In e-book Provide, Trust, Love (Then Introduce New Foods) you get:

  • Why your child is being picky (because knowing is half the battle)
  • The beneficial (and well-meaning but disastrous) ways to provide love and limits around food.
  • Successful strategies (without being rigid, forcing, pleading, or bribing) to support your child to try new foods on their own.
  • Meal planning to make sure your kids are getting the nutrition they need
  • And much more…


In online seminar Snacking Secrets you get:

  • How to use snacks to help your child to eat a balanced diet
  • How to use snacks to encourage your child to eat a variety of foods
  • How to use snacks to help your child build food-confidence
  • And much more…

Between now and midnight May 12th, you get both your e-book AND access to your online seminar for only $47 (normally $74)!

Get your e-book and BONUS online seminar access here:

and use coupon code: “MomDay2014” (without the quotes)


But do act fast, this bonus is only available until midnight Monday May 12th!

coupon code: “MomDay2014” (without the quotes)