Could Drinking More Water Really Make You Happier?

Drinking More Water Really Make You Happier

Could drinking more water really make you happier? Some of the symptoms of mild dehydration are tiredness and irritability. Imagine if drinking some more fluids could be the secret to being happier? Now that’s worth a try!

The fluid recommendations are 2.7 Litres of total fluid per day for women and 3.7 Litres of total fluids for men (age 19 – 70 who aren’t intense athletes, living in 30 degree C or hotter weather, or pregnant/ breastfeeding). But those are the recommendations for total fluids – including everything you drink and the liquid naturally found in food. And, when I look closely at the evidence on which they created those recommendations, it isn’t super strong.

My personal experience is that people feel their best on a bit more water than is recommended. That’s why I recommend that women drink 2.5 Litres of water (or other naturally sugar-free and decaffeinated beverages). And, men drink 3.5 Litres of water.

Your other beverages and the fluid in your foods will be on top of this water.

Reach this level for a few days and see how you feel. Then, slowly decrease the amount of water that you’re drinking and take note of how you feel. You’ll find the sweet spot between needing to pee constantly, and having good energy.

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