Child Nutrition Services

Looking for hands-on, individualized assistance with your little one? My child nutrition (picky eater) services are for you! Available either in your home or virtually (Skype/ FaceTime and phone).

Nutrition Workshops

Are you looking for an engaging, knowledgeable speaker for your group? Looking to get answers from a child nutrition expert speaker in a relaxed atmosphere with a group of like-minded parents?

Picky Eating Book

Over the past 6 years, I’ve found a step-by-step system that works to take back control of mealtimes so that meals go from stressful to enjoyable. Meals where kids try new foods without even being asked. As I’ve learned (and many parents can attest to), if you introduce picky eating techniques (even those with scientific evidence behind them) in the wrong order it will backfire! I’ve captured my picky eater step-by-step system in this guidebook. 

Eating Disorders

Is you teen working on recovery from an eating disorder? I can be a part of her/ his treatment team. Contact me to find out more.  

Sports Nutrition

Your child / teen takes their sport seriously. It can be difficult to meet the nutrition needs of a young athlete who is still growing. Be confident you're meeting your growing athlete's nutrition needs.