40 Days to a Happy, Healthy You: Weight Loss Program

Are you putting things off until you lose weight? Hit 40 (or 50) and don’t recognize your body because of the weight you’ve gained? Tried diets in the past that either didn’t work or you gained the weight back? Ready to make real life changes?


Get Control of Your Diabetes

40 Days of Nutrition, Activity & Mindfulness. Stabilize your blood sugar without giving up your favourite foods. Cut through the confusion of what you should (and shouldn’t) eat. Vitamins too. Adopt healthy habits that actually stick.


Food Allergy/ Sensitivity Service

Yes, you can develop food allergies and sensitivities as an adult. I will help you determine what food is causing you problems. And, we’ll make sure that you are meeting all your nutrition needs while you problem foods.


Nutritional Insight Session

Are you a pretty healthy eater but you want to have more energy, prevent cravings, ensure that you’re doing everything to be healthy? Get input from a real nutrition expert to make sure you aren’t missing anything.


Sports Nutrition

Do you take your sport seriously? Are you gearing up for a big adventure? As we age, our nutrition is even more important for maximum performance.