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Dietitian Victoria BC

For me, food has always been about pleasure.  The pleasure of having a healthy body.  The pleasure of athletic achievement. The pleasure of eating delicious food. And, the pleasure of connecting with loved ones over meals.

I have a Bachelors of Applied Science in Applied Human Nutrition (from U of Guelph), a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition (from UBC) and I’ve been a registered dietitian in Victoria BC and Vancouver BC for 14 years. Add those together and I’ve got 24 years of nutrition experience. 

I am an expert in:

  • The science of nutrition for kids, adults, sports performance, and eating disorder recovery. 
  • The psychology of food. How we think about food and our bodies. Including "picky eating", emotional eating and eating disorders.
  • Behaviour change. As in, supporting you to have success in creating healthy eating habits that actually stick.  

I offer individual nutrition counselling for families when feeding kids isn’t going well. I offer individual nutrition counselling for those of us 40+ folks who want healthy eating habits that actually stick. And, create a body we love. Whether you have a health concern that you want to support with your nutrition (e.g. weight loss, blood sugar control, cholesterol), sports nutrition to maximize your performance, and support for recovery from eating disorders.   

After helping thousands of families, I captured my step-by-step system in my picky eater solution book

I love sharing my practical (science-based) approach to healthy eating in nutrition workshops - for groups large and small. And, through writing for magazines and blogs.

The BC Ministry of Health, health authorities and non-profit organizations hire me to make nutrition decisions and create materials to lead other health professionals (e.g. doctors, nurses, dietitians) and other caregivers. It’s an honour to be who dietitans, worldwide, turn to for guidance. Doctors, nurses, and early childhood caregivers too.

Recent examples:

  • Pediatric Nutrition Guidelines for Health Professionals in BC.
  • The new Canadian curriculum for MEND – a child obesity program.
  • Maternal and infant vitamin D supplementation practice backgrounder for health professionals in BC.

I’m proud to be one of the 1st ever dietitians (and only Canadian) to be chosen as an Affiliate of the Ellyn Satter Institute.

I am located in Victoria, BC. with offices in Oak Bay and Langford. I also offer virtual services (phone, Skype and FaceTime) throughout BC and across Canada. Schedule:

  • Oak Bay: Monday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Langford (WestShore): Wednesday, Friday
  • House Calls and Virtual appointments: Tuesday and Sunday 

I am a member of the College of Dietitians of BC and an active member of Dietitians of Canada.

To see more of my education and resume, please check out my LinkedIn profile.

Click this link for a description of my child nutrition services (including picky eaters and kids on the Autism Spectrum).

Click this link to check out my adult nutrition services and healthy weight loss program.

Click this link to check out my sports nutrition services.

Click this link to see my eating disorders nutrition services

Note: You may find references to my previous business name: Vitamin K Nutrition Consulting. In 2014, I changed my business name from Vitamin K Nutrition Consulting to Kristen Yarker Nutrition, Dietitian, Victoria BC. Why? I chose my original name because I thought that it was a fun play on words – as in “give your family a dose of vitamin “K” – “K” for Kristen. But, lots of people thought that I was selling vitamins for kids. Oops. Now, instead of being clever, I’m being straightforward.

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